How We Do It

How do we deliver value over the long term for the clients we represent and advise?

The answer is simple – tenacious deal making. Most specialists build a knowledge and experience of a particular location, or a specific kind of product, but we specialise in ruthless efficiency whether it be in deals, fund structuring or asset financing. It is something we cannot do alone; we need strong reciprocal relationships with our clients. We become close enough to them to understand their objectives and ambitions so that we have a clear idea of what success looks like for them.

We are pragmatic enough to understand the nuances and impact a transaction can have on a business and use the perspective which comes from operating in different markets and countries over many different cycles to ensure the best outcome.

Our vision is to build something of value and longevity. Naturally this aligns our interests with those of our clients and becomes self-fulfilling over the long term. That alignment is at the core of our entire business and our team.

We need to see the deal through, and we need it to be the best deal for our client. It is just something that is in our DNA; we can’t and won’t deviate from our objectives. The type of people we are means that we put 100% into everything we do. Whether we are piloting a hot air balloon or in the saddle of a road bike for 8 hours, we are totally absorbed. That in itself gives us a really fresh perspective.

That perspective drives our desire to find new opportunities to help our clients succeed. In 2011 we looked at how new industries like technology and data would impact on traditional sectors like real estate. We correctly identified the every increasing need for secure data storage, and the value that could be created by providing the right real estate solutions to this storage problem. We then foresaw that data centers would become a globally traded investment grade asset class, which could produce industry leading returns and security, and this has come to pass. We are, and will remain, at the forefront of real estate advisory in this asset class.

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