What We Do

So another advisory agency that says it is smarter and more experienced than the competition?

Well we are in real estate and we are in the business of transactions, finance and fund structuring.

But that’s where the similarities with other firms end. For a start we are headed by two Dutchmen and an Englishman, speak four languages in the team and have offices in both countries. We are definitely niche players but we see our niche as advising clients who value researched, accountable, considered opinion on real estate, irrespective of class, geography or value.

We seldom fail in our ambitions to overcome the complex and numerous obstacles that invariably come as part and parcel of any complex real estate transaction. That said, if a client asks us for advice and the best advice is not to transact then that is the advice we will give. Better to give valuable advice for nothing than receive a fee for poor advice.