What We Do

Interviewer: “How do you manage your work-life balance”

Orson Welles: “I don’t separate the two. Work is an expression of life to me.”

We may not work in cinema, but we have something in common with Orson Welles. We love what we do. Work has no negative connotations for us. And, wherever possible, it provides a context for us to have as much fun as possible, whether it’s cycling in the Netherlands or finishing a long client meeting with a convivial meal.

That’s always been our way, and it defines our entire approach to running a partner-led investment advisory firm specialising in real estate and data centers.

We are passionate about what we do and who we do it with, and we pride ourselves on supporting you at every stage of your property investment journey.

Whether you are an investment manager active in the data center market or a pension fund interested in residential or commercial property investments, we work to your brief.

You may have a specific target in terms of sector, lot size and area. Alternatively, your goal may be a particular return, be it a low yield from a long-let investment or a shorter lease to add value fast. Our role is to source exactly what you are seeking and execute the deal on your behalf.

Having foreseen how the increasing need for secure data storage would lead to the emergence of a new asset class in commercial real estate, we have been providing specialist data center advisory services for over a decade.

From transactions to site selection, acquisition and disposition to mergers in all asset classes, we offer specialist, expert advice that is based on deep experience, objectivity and candour. And however complex the deal or late the hour, we never lose sight of the fact that we are in this business because our work-life balance enables us to love every minute of it.