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At the confluence of real estate and technology


At the confluence of real estate and technology, Data Center’s are a specialist asset class where values are acutely sensitive to location, power, cooling, connectivity and security.
Our principal focus is to provide strategic advice and real estate services for data centers to occupiers, investors and operators.

With a huge resource of knowledge, expertise and contacts we provide strategic advice to clients who need to secure the best colocation solutions within EMEA.


Our track record speaks for itself with over €0.5 billion of data center real estate deals under our belt. We have advised developers, investors, pension funds and owner-occupiers across EMEA.

We have recently advised on:-

  • The sale of the KPN data center in Almere, The Netherlands
  • A Dutch Pension Fund data center investment strategy
  • A date center in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands
  • The sale of Tele City data center (AMS 5) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • A data center development at Sassenheim, The Netherlands
  • The viability of a data center in Mougins, France
  • Re-gearing of a data center lease at Schiphol, The Netherlands
  • A Singaporean client investment in a UK data center operator
  • A data center development in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • A German client on the acquisition of a data center operator
  • The acquisition of a data center at Schiphol-Rijk, for a German investor
  • A Singaporean client in the forward funding of a data center in Frankfurt
  • Marketing 100,000 m2 of data center zoned land close to Schiphol airport
  • The sale of 40,000 m2 site in Amsterdam to a pan European data center operator
  • Marketing 27,000 m2 site for data center development close to Schiphol airport
  • A potential building conversion to a data center in Atlanta, USA
  • The sale of a data center at Fokkerweg, The Netherlands for a Dutch investor
  • Forward funding of a data center development in Morocco

Research & Valuation

Seven years ago we were asked by a Dutch Pension fund to research and report on the data center market and whether data centers would become and institutionally acceptable asset class. The findings of our report turned out to be prophetic as we have since seen significant investment into the sector.

The valuation of data centers is very specialist and we are often asked to advise on the best valuers for single asset, portfolio, M&A and loan security purposes. Knowing who to ask, and who not to ask, stands us in a good stead when recommending the best team for a particular project.


Whether it be the acquisition of a data center operator or a strategic investment by an overseas fund into an established UK data center operator, we have the knowledge and experience to give investment, operational and strategic advice.

We recently advised a German client on the simultaneous acquisition of a Dutch based operator and the freehold investment of the data center in which they were operating, allowing us the opportunity to advise them on repositioning the operator, the re-gearing of some of the existing leases and the asset management of their investment to significantly increase the value. We continue to asset manage the data center on their behalf.


We spend much of our time speaking to key occupiers across the globe to learn about their space requirements, both now and in the future, which gives us a unique and accurate view of the occupier market. We use this knowledge to advise owners seeking to secure tenants for their data centers.

Our independence and neutrality is key as we are always able to provide impartial advice.

Investment Advisory

The sector has become much more institutionally acceptable in the past 5 or so and this has led to significant yield compression due to the weight of money that has been deployed. However there is still significant demand from most of the major investment houses and funds seeking to gain a foot hold and an understanding of the sector. We are often asked to guide new investors to the sector through this maze and take great pleasure when a new entrant enters the market with our help.

Interim Management

A data center can grow to a certain point and then stall because the executive management team may lack the in depth knowledge and breadth of experience to develop the asset or assets further; this dramatically reduces the ability to go to the next level and beyond.

At ACN-DC we have specialists who can perform the interim management role to enable an organisation to continue to grow whilst it considers whom to appoint.

The ACN-DC Interim Executive will generally be appointed for a limited tenure as a senior executive in a management capacity, depending upon the structure and size of the organization, the Interim Executive may be in a position such as CEO or GM, CCO, CMO, or other such strategic management role in order to have influence and value add to the overall business.

Our Interim Executive will review the business, analyse outcomes, identify change strategies and, in conjunction with the existing management team, implement those actions required to optimize the process and maximize the potential of the business in a given time frame.

This can include such strategies as: restructuring, market positioning and branding, customer evaluation, pricing, costing and margins analysis, strategic planning and implementation, management training, customer perception analysis, HR and manpower planning, etc.

Cost Effective
Interim executive management goes beyond a consulting role, it is no different than employing your own senior level executive but without the on-cost, complications or commitment that may often accompany full time recruitment

Low Risk
An agreed contracted time frame and in-built review milestones until completion, whether three months, six months or one year or more.

Results Oriented and Efficient
Our Interim Executive remains totally focused on the project outcomes for which they are contracted; there are no inter-company politicking or other people issues to distract from the job at hand.

Commitment to the job at hand and to the directors of the business is absolute; success of the outcome is of the highest priority to the ACN-DC Interim Executive, as apart from the contract to deliver, success of the interim management business is only as good as the value it can add to your business.


We believe our strong ownership creates a true alignment between meeting the goals of clients, and our business objectives. At the heart of our philosophy is a determination to offer innovative solutions that deliver mutually agreed outcomes.

There are two types of risk: that which can be modelled and analysed; and uncertainty which is harder to quantify. We maintain a questioning attitude and are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking or the status quo.

We have been highly active in the sector since our inception and have the knowledge and experience to give investment, operational and strategic advice.
– Ernst ter Meulen

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