Ernst ter Meulen

As co-founder of AC Niellsen, Ernst is responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the company. Being an entrepreneur in heart and soul, he is always full of ideas and persistent to close every deal once started. For Ernst it is all about being practical: think simple and never give up. That’s the secret to building long lasting relationships and to making a complex deal appear simple.

In the mid-seventies, Ernst moved to the US. Upon his return in the late 80’s he started a residential estate agency in Hilversum, which he grew into multiple offices. After this success, Ernst started some new ventures including advising long-term clients on several commercial property investments. Later on, he started investing in retail, logistics and office investments in the Netherlands on his own account. Finally, Ernst co-founded AC Niellsen together with Simon and developed it into the successful business it is today. Besides being responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the company, Ernst also focuses on some of the companies more significant projects.

Besides being a full-time entrepreneur, Ernst is an experienced sailor and skier and enjoys playing tennis.

Get in touch with Ernst:

M. +31 (0) 6 53 15 20 30
O. +44 (0) 20 7129 1187

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