Junior Volmer

Rudi Jr. Volmer born and raised in a village near Amsterdam. Since he was named after his father everybody calls him Junior and he lives happily in Amsterdam.

After finishing high school, Junior made his dream come through playing music. During his successful DJ career he managed to excel and reached audiences of thousands of people throughout Europe. After three years of being on the road with intensive touring he decided that he needed to secure a full time role in real estate.   Initially he managed a property portfolio for a private Dutch investor during which time he gained a good knowledge of commercial real estate. More recently as a Content Manager at WehaveAnyspace, Junior combines his talents to create value by helping vendors to reach their customers more efficiently and effectively.

Junior works for both WehaveAnyspace and AC Neillsen and, in his spare time you can find him in the kitchen or with his friends on one of the many great terraces at the Amsterdam canals.

Get in touch with Junior:

M. +31 (0) 6 29 36 69 39‬
O. +31 (0) 20 215 40 54
E. Jvolmer@ac-niellsen.com