Marjolijn Slomp

Marjolijn is the ultimate Master of Organized Chaos. With her expertise in both legal and financial fields, she supports the partners of AC Niellsen in its broadest sense. With her hands-on mentality and immunity to stress she always manages to bring structure and calm to every situation. She is a spider in its web when it comes to planning, arranging and organizing basically everything. Also concerning financial and legal issues, Marjolijn is our guy (so to speak).

After her studies Marjolijn moved to Barcelona to work in the event industry. When she returned to the Netherlands she fulfilled several roles in Management Operations for different companies such as an IT startup, XCOR Aerospace and the Cold Pressed Juicery. Later she partnered up in ZERO, an investment company, where she played a significant role as the financial and legal advisor.

In her leisure time Marjolijn holds a great passion for horse riding which she practices to a high level. She also loves skiing and in the summer you can find her on the beach.


Get in touch with Marjolijn:

M. +31 6 41 47 93 25
O. +31 20 215 40 54

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